Become a Certified Fraud Examiner
in 4 Steps


Step 1: Join the ACFE

You must be an Associate member of the ACFE USA to take the CFE Exam and earn your CFE credential. Associate Membership is open to individuals of all job functions, industries and levels of experience who are interested in the prevention,
detection and deterrence of fraud.

Membership Application

Step 2: Prepare for the CFE Exam

For self-study you can use the «Fraud Examiners Manual»* and the electronic «CFE Exam Prep Course» in English language.

[* included in «CFE Exam Prep Course» in electronic form]


Since the CFE Exam can only be taken in English, knowledge of English terminology is required, among other things from various business disciplines as well as from the fields of law and criminology.

Use the ACFE training material to test your language level and to train your skills.

According to experience, the preparation phase is expected to be three to six months in time. For optimal preparation, the official «CFE Exam Review Course» is recommended, which is offered by the SAFEXA Swiss Academy for Fraud Examination and is performed by professional ACFE certified trainers in English.


During a compact and structured 4-day course, taken in person, the examination material is reviewed with experienced trainers. At the same session, on completion of the course, the CFE Diploma examination is taken on site.

Whether you prefer a self-paced computer course or a live instructor event, the ACFE supports you in your efforts to prepare for the CFE exam.


Step 3: Apply for the CFE Exam

In order to complete the CFE Exam and to be awarded the title Certified Fraud Examiner, you need a minimum score on the basis of the ACFE «Point System».

Point system calculator

We recommend you apply approximately one month before you plan to take the CFE Exam.

Copies of degrees/diplomas are required as proof of education. Two years of fraud-related professional experience are required as a minimum requirement. In addition, three letters of recommendation are required to prove personal suitability.

After online exam registration (CFE Exam Application) and payment of exam fees please visit the Certification Portal to submit your documents, details of your professional experience, proof of education, a current photo and professional recommendations.

CFE Exam application

Step 4: Pass the CFE Exam

The CFE Exam is available in online or download format and has a number of sophisticated controls to ensure integrity. It may take up to 10 hours for the CFE Exam to complete. Each of the four sections includes 125 questions. In order to pass the exam, you must have at least 75 percentage points correctly on each section.

Before you complete the test, you must request the activation key of the check.

Once you pass the CFE Exam, your CFE Exam application will be reviewed by the ACFE Certification
Committee. You should receive email notification of your certification status within
5-7 business days of passing the CFE Exam and completing the exam application process.

Your Contact Person

Simone Aebersold
Managing Director – SAFEXA Swiss Academy for Fraud Examination

Do you have any questions with regard to the CFE Exam Review Course?
Please do not hesitate to contact me.